Garage Via Nova…not just rental

Garage Via Nova has been a symbol of experience in the automotive field since 1986, combined with constant attention to the needs of the customer, who knows and recognizes us for the competence, professionalism and seriousness with which we operate.

Here we work seriously, but have fun and without ever forgetting to smile and take life lightly.

In addition to short-term rental, we operate our own specialized workshop, equipped with all the latest technologies and an environment in which the technical training of our mechanics is our flagship. This allows us to provide an accurate service for each make of car and to carry out any type of mechanical, electrical or electronic intervention.

In addition to this, we are recognized as an authorized Nissan garage, overhaul center and, for some years, we have been able to offer a wide choice of company machines, km0 and guaranteed used, in our store, of which we are extremely proud.

The customer is at the center, but so are our people. We are proud to be able to say that we are growing thanks to those who work with us.

Our reality is recognized as a guarantee of good work at 360 degrees.
Expert hands, eyes focused on the future.
Come visit!